Job Title: Network Engineer                                                              
Location: Bridgeton, NJ

Network Engineer (Middletown, NJ) Design and architect LAN/WAN using routing
protocols like OSPF/BGP & MPLS. Design and deploy the MPLS based multicast
networks. Configure advance routing parameters, traffic, engineering & quality of
service on high end routers like CISCO CRS (IOXR) & Juniper M series routers.
Implement and test solutions based on project scope and design/engineering
specifications. Maintain smooth running of network infrastructure involving MPLS and
IP as the core technology. Must have knowledge on Customer to Provider edge
internetworking capabilities. Write Method of Procedure (MOPs) for corporate
operations execution. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Engineering plus 5
years of progressive experience or Master's degree and 1 year experience. Skills in
designing, deploying, configuring and troubleshooting CISCO Routers and Catalyst
Switches. Routing protocols like OSPF, BGP and EIGRP, PPP, MLPPP & Multicast. Layer-
2 technologies like VLAN, Frame-relay, ATM and PNNI. Core Technologies like IP and
MPLS from DS0 to OC-192. Send resume to
Position is eligible for the employee referral program.

Job Title: Software Engineer                                                               
Location: New Jersey

Develop network infrastructure to support volumes data for analysys, processing ad
reporting. Prepare design specs docs, req traceability matrix docs, development plan
docs, unit/assembly test plan docs, lofical/physical database model.Wrote code for
webpages and java codes\. Manage database and provide admin services. 24x7 on call
support. Master's in CS or ENGG +1 Yr exp or Bachelor's + 5 years progressice exp.
UNIX, Oracle, SQL. sever. SQL, PL/SQL, Teradata, Javasripts, MVC architecture,
Coldfusion,JSP,Servlets,Java,Beans. These positions are eligible for the employee
referral program.

Job Title: Systems Analyst                                                                    
Location: New Jersey

Systems Analyst (New Castle, DE) Provide applications & systems support of several
business units. Analyze systems user reqs, procedures & problems. Design, develop,
test and document applications. Perform risk assessment. Install & configure fixes for
apps running on Windows, Linux and Open VMS platforms. Perform root cause
analysis for production problems and develop methods of improvement. Masters in
CS or Engg w/2yrs exp or Bachelor w/5yrs progressive exp. Exp in .Net, SharePoint,
Oracle, SQL, Javascript, Windows, UNIX, Websphere and Tibco. Send resume to Position is eligible for the employee referral