High Speed Data Networking

Akane Technologies improves your network reliability, performance, scalability, and security in order to better support the demands placed on it by today's dynamic business requirements. We offer our strong network systems and telecommunications expertise, gained by many years of working with the nation's most successful companies.

We have vast experience in dealing with IP/MPLS Core, Design/Architecture/Trouble-shooting of the complex network topologies. We are a team of experienced CCIE Network Engineers.

Enterprise Networking

LAN and WAN deployment in enterprise networks using multi layer switches from various vendors. Implementing the tiered Access, Distribution and Core Layers for large-scale enterprise networks using the latest Cisco Multi layer switches such as Catalyst 65xx/76xx.

IP Multicast design and deployment

Multicast is a delivery service that can offer tremendous savings in bandwidth for applications that require delivery of data to multiple receiver destinations. IP Multicast offers scalable point-to-multipoint delivery necessary for using group communication applications on the Internet. Akene has talent and expertise to enable an enterprise network to be multicast ready using the latest multicast routing protocols and applications.

Network Security

Akane takes a pragmatic approach when helping companies to implement their security architecture. The process of securing a network is ongoing. We have developed an iterative approach, which ensures that our customers operate and maintain effective security policies. Akene Security implementations are based on Cisco's SAFE model. It includes security audits, VPN and Firewall configurations, Intrusion detection and content analysis and protection.

Voice over IP (VoIP) and Multimedia

Akene has expertise to implement Cisco AVVID Multimedia and Voice networks from a design, architecture and development perspective. It includes Audio/Video streaming technologies, VoD (Video on Demand) implementations, MPEG over ATM/SONET or DOCSIS.

MPLS-based Networks

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is rapidly emerging as a core technology for next-generation IP networks. MPLS is being rapidly deployed in ISP networks to provide VPN based solutions. MPLS-based VPNs provide the flexible connectivity and scalability of IP with security of MPLS VPNs. Akene has pool of experts in designing and implementing MPLS based networks.

SSL/IPsec-based VPN design and deployment

A secure network starts with a strong security policy that defines the freedom of access to information and dictates the deployment of security in the network. At Akene we have experienced engineers who designed and implemented SSL and IP sec-based VPNs using various encrytion and compression technologies.

Wireless Technologies

As organizations adopt wireless LAN technology to gain the competitive advantages of an increasingly mobile and productive workforce, they need qualified professionals who can design, install, support, and operate a wireless solution. At we designed and implemented many wireless networks at corporate offices and universities.

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development and deployment is a core part of any network. We have expertise in various layer 1 infrastructure technologies such as DWDM, APS, and SONET. In addition to this we also provide services to test and deploy equipment shipped from a vendor so that we do not have in production issues.

Advanced Networking Technologies

1.Virtual Private Networks:IPsec,SSL,SSH Tunneling.
3.WAN: ATM,Frame Relay,L2TPV3,L2TPV2,VPLS
4.Local Area Networking,Content Switching, Wireless
5.Access and Transport: SONET,T1/T3,Cable(DOCSIS),xDSL
6. Traffic and Usage Accountability
7. Network Management Systems
8. Operation Support Systems

Security Technologies

1.Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems: SonicWall, CheckPoint and Cisco SAFE

2.eCommerce and ebusiness Security Policy Advisory and Venerability Assessments